Monthly Archives: November 2008

Don’t be a Tool! Remove the Bluetooth.

do you need your Bluetooth at a club?
Bluetooth Tool at da Club?

I don’t know why – but lately I’ve been annoyed at people that insist on wearing a Bluetooth when it’s not needed. 

Here’s the latest tool, wearing his Bluetooth at a club, while listening to a live band.
I have a Bluetooth.  It is great for driving (actually, it’s required).  But, there’s a time when it becomes rude to wear and use it.  For example: at the grocery store.  Have you ever thought someone was speaking to you, when in reality they are on the phone.  You make eye contact and they have that distant look, or worse, look at you like you are nuts for speaking to them.

 Get.  Off.  The.  Grid. 

 Every now and then, it’s ok to live “in real life”.  It’s ok to miss a call.  Interact with the body that’s in front of you.

 I’m just saying ….