A Poor Leader should become a Follower


People in leadership positions who do not possess the qualities to become proficient as leaders will never become successful role models.

Leaders are supposed to act as role models for the general population. People without the proper guidance or altruistic motives are likely to become poor leaders as a result.

Poor leaders make decisions based on self advancement, without listening to others, and lack transparency to those that most closely support them. Typically, leaders that are not adept at their position do not lead for the welfare of the group.

When times are good, it’s easy to think a leader possesses character and integrity. It’s during tough times their true character is revealed. It is during this time that a leader will lose the trust of his or her followers. Once that happens it’s an uphill climb to get back that support, if ever.

A good leader must “own” the decisions that he or she makes and take the responsibility for any negative outcome of those decisions. The bad leader will instead find scapegoats and blame others.

Unfortunately in business poor leaders get huge compensation packages even after running the company into the ground. They’ve convinced themselves they deserve it, they got there alone and nobody could have done the job any better.

If you’ve followed your leader for some time, the current economic cycle is your chance to assess exactly what kind of leader you follow.  You owe it to yourself to align with someone that has the capabilites and character to lead.

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