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Women – A Niche to Consider


They Represent ~20% of Your Potential Clients

I’m not sure who first came up with the idea of trying to understand how women shop, but I like to think the process began with David Ogilvy, the legendary ad guru, who had the guts to tell arrogant advertising creatives in the late 1950’s:

“The customer isn’t a MORON, she’s you’re WIFE.”

While men once were the decision makers in financial matters, in today’s environment, this no longer holds true.  Women, and in particular, single women, make up a large and growing segment with significant buying power and specific marketing needs.


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Go away!

z-beach-ag(Note: this is off-topic, but something I wanted to share)


As you read this, I’m either travelling to, or sitting on, a beautiful beach in Zihuatanejo, Mexico (yes, as in The Shawshank Redemption).  So I thought I’d remind you that it’s good to get off the grid.  Seriously.  Not only is it good, it’s a necessity.


I learned this lesson from my father.  Seven years ago he announced his retirement to his agents by saying “after 12,474 days in the real estate business, it’s time for me to retire”.  Yes, I am proud to say …

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Numbers DO Lie!


At least they don’t always tell the entire story.


I can say that.  I’m a marketer.  At the risk of sounding Machiavellian, it’s our job to present information that helps to communicate a message.  Good marketers take great pride in pursuing a non-duplicitous practice to maintain brand integrity, particularly in the spirit of transparency.  But, that could also mean information that could cause one to question the message is not presented.

Last week, Trulia shared a video taken on the floor of Connect that was conceptually FANTASTIC.   …

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