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Need more lipstick!


Despite the realities, sellers (& buyers) remain emotional on price

Homegain recently conducted a survey of 700+ Realtors ® nationwide, the results of which surprised me a bit.  It seems when it’s our home, we feel it’s worth more than the home next door.

Delusions of value

45% of homeowners think their homes should be listed 10 – 20% higher than what their Realtors recommend.  Nearly 20% think that their homes are worth 20% higher than their Realtors’ recommended listing price.  In other words, ~65% disagree with your professional opinion.  Opportunistic homebuyers are experiencing a similar disconnect with only 18% of believing homes are fairly priced.

Emotional appraisal vs. reality

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Check your position lately?


Does your positioning need to change? 

Everything is different:  the market, real estate’s perceived value and customer confidence.  Based on this new reality, you’ve probably changed your marketing efforts, perhaps you’ve incorporated some niche marketing efforts .  But have you thought about your positioning?

The recent boom years had many people jumping on the agent bandwagon.  As a result, veterans probably added awards/designations, years of experience and/or number of homes sold to business cards, flyers and other marketing communication pieces to create a position of expertise and experience. 

Does the F word matter?

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