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Are You a Bad Boy (or Girl)?

ag-googleYou may be and not even know it!

A few times a year I will get an email from my dad asking a random question such as: “Why were you quoted in an article on the latest ocular surgery practices in Alaska?” 

What the …. ??? 

As much as the world has its hands full with one, yes, there is at least one other Brandie Young who apparently is an expert in the ocular surgery field (sorry to disappoint dad, I’m not a doctor).  My dad likes to Google my name every now and again to see where I’m quoted.

Reputation management

Have you Googled yourself lately?  Your clients and potential clients likely have, and if you don’t know what comes up on the first page when you Google your name, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

More than your name alone …

Don’t just Google your name, Google phrases.  For example, When I Google ‘GE Spokesperson Brandie Young’ I get an entirely different set of results than if I Google my name alone.  (ugh, bad memories from the result of that search …)


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Dawn of a New Era


I have some hero worship going on with a variety of marketing types, including Aaron Strout, mentioned in a previous post.

Another marketer I respect, David Armano, recently published “Marketing In A Post-Consumer Era“, which I found very compelling.  With his permission, I’ve included quotes from David, along with his famous graphics, and offered my point of view on how it applies to the real estate industry.  [Fingers crossed I don’t disappoint him].

Once upon a time …

Check David’s diagram on Pre-Consumer attitudes below.  What I keyed in on is the “modest consumption” behavior.  At one time people bought a home with intent to one day host a Mortgage Burning Party.  It was where they would raise family, retire, enjoy their twilight then leave the house as a legacy for their children.  And, the thought of taking a Second Mortgage was considered a desperate act [clever banks would later rebrand 2nds as HELOCs – “a wise use of equity” – but, I digress].









A good example of this behavior is my father – who has had the same car for years.  He balks at my suggestions to replace it, as “it runs just fine”.  After all, he’s retired, so why would he spend money on a car, when he can travel?  He simply buys what he needs.     

We like the boom!

Now, let’s consider the Consumer Era or recent “boom” years created by easy access to credit, and how this applies to real estate.  I remember a statistic that people lived in their homes an average of 5 years [will be interesting to re-measure that trend in 2012].  Granted, we are a more transient society than in previous generations – jobs change, lives change, etc.  But, in essence real estate during these years was almost considered disposable, as it was an easy-to-get asset which could be easily replaced.









Credit lines have ensured that we can purchase beyond our means and advertising has had years to perfect its craft making us believe that we don’t want the latest and greatest product-but that we actually NEED it.” – David Armano

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You are pummeled with advice on how to reinvent yourself to survive the current cycle and thrive on the other side.  That can be difficult to absorb, particularly for those of you that over a long career have seen and survived downcycles.

Guess what?   

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Intro to the Semantic Web

Leo Burnett Group Predictions 2009, Future Trends in Marketing

Do brands matter in a recession?

Get Some Virtual


Webinars are a powerful lead generation, follow up and customer retention tool, if properly produced and managed.  But, you must have a diversified strategy in place, and create events that vary by purpose and prospect. 

An increasing number of your leads are likely coming from the internet, particularly as Brokers and big brands, like Century 21, are redirecting their advertising dollars online.  As such, it’s safe to assume these people are comfortable communicating online.


Cost effective & affordable
Nimble and scalable
Adds value
Keeps you top of mind in a more personal format than a newsletter
No expensive dry cleaning!  (Presenting virtually, much like writing a blog post on presenting virtually, means you can do it in your bathrobe)


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BusinessWeek – Top Female Entreprenuers

What an honor to be mentioned among this group of outstanding women (and to be considered young!)

The Top Young Female Entrepreneurs in Tech

Marissa Louie knows the challenges young female entrepreneurs face. She launched her 15-employee company, AD-Village, last week. If you liked “20 Tips: How to Launch a Company as a Young Entrepreneur“, “You know you’re a Young Female Entrepreneur when…“, and “We’re Launching“, you might be inspired by “The Top Young Female Entrepreneurs in Tech.”

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Beware the Bandwagon!


First come the radio spots, then TV commercials, then infomercials – the first indication that a new industry has been born from a changing economy.  The housing crisis and woes faced by a plethora of borrowers about to lose their homes has begat the newest craze – Loan Modification Services.

Opportunity or Opportunistic?

We are now seeing a proliferation of firms that charge fees for what they promise will be quick results to negotiate with lenders to get affordable loan terms.  Unfortunately, some less-than-ethical folks see this crisis as a way to scam desperate homeowners with false promises of modifying loans.  In many cases, the firms take the homeowner’s money but never deliver the services promised.

Considering jumping onboard?

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Wanna Start a Cult?


Emerged in Social Media?

Your answer is probably yes.  While individual goals and intent differ, you may wonder how to replicate the kind of success or following of seemingly “regular” folks that have embraced the Internets and social media a la Gary V.  The question may not be how to do it, but, is it possible for agents.

WHT is a Cult Brand?

Many brands are popular. Toothpaste can be popular, so can cereal.   But would you passionately … 

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