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Get Some Virtual


Webinars are a powerful lead generation, follow up and customer retention tool, if properly produced and managed.  But, you must have a diversified strategy in place, and create events that vary by purpose and prospect. 

An increasing number of your leads are likely coming from the internet, particularly as Brokers and big brands, like Century 21, are redirecting their advertising dollars online.  As such, it’s safe to assume these people are comfortable communicating online.


Cost effective & affordable
Nimble and scalable
Adds value
Keeps you top of mind in a more personal format than a newsletter
No expensive dry cleaning!  (Presenting virtually, much like writing a blog post on presenting virtually, means you can do it in your bathrobe)


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BusinessWeek – Top Female Entreprenuers

What an honor to be mentioned among this group of outstanding women (and to be considered young!)

The Top Young Female Entrepreneurs in Tech

Marissa Louie knows the challenges young female entrepreneurs face. She launched her 15-employee company, AD-Village, last week. If you liked “20 Tips: How to Launch a Company as a Young Entrepreneur“, “You know you’re a Young Female Entrepreneur when…“, and “We’re Launching“, you might be inspired by “The Top Young Female Entrepreneurs in Tech.”

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