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BusinessWeek – Top Female Entreprenuers

What an honor to be mentioned among this group of outstanding women (and to be considered young!)

The Top Young Female Entrepreneurs in Tech

Marissa Louie knows the challenges young female entrepreneurs face. She launched her 15-employee company, AD-Village, last week. If you liked “20 Tips: How to Launch a Company as a Young Entrepreneur“, “You know you’re a Young Female Entrepreneur when…“, and “We’re Launching“, you might be inspired by “The Top Young Female Entrepreneurs in Tech.”

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Beware the Bandwagon!


First come the radio spots, then TV commercials, then infomercials – the first indication that a new industry has been born from a changing economy.  The housing crisis and woes faced by a plethora of borrowers about to lose their homes has begat the newest craze – Loan Modification Services.

Opportunity or Opportunistic?

We are now seeing a proliferation of firms that charge fees for what they promise will be quick results to negotiate with lenders to get affordable loan terms.  Unfortunately, some less-than-ethical folks see this crisis as a way to scam desperate homeowners with false promises of modifying loans.  In many cases, the firms take the homeowner’s money but never deliver the services promised.

Considering jumping onboard?

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Wanna Start a Cult?


Emerged in Social Media?

Your answer is probably yes.  While individual goals and intent differ, you may wonder how to replicate the kind of success or following of seemingly “regular” folks that have embraced the Internets and social media a la Gary V.  The question may not be how to do it, but, is it possible for agents.

WHT is a Cult Brand?

Many brands are popular. Toothpaste can be popular, so can cereal.   But would you passionately … 

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