Daily Archives: May 28, 2009

At What Price Social Media?

faux call

I noticed the other day en ex-colleague is now on Twitter.  The interesting part about it: For a number of reasons I’m certain this individual is not sending their own Tweets, but rather tasking interns and/or PR vendors to do it.   

Is that ok?

On one hand, it’s the company/brand that’s trying to gain followers, not the individual – although the account is under the individual’s name.  On the other hand, it’s not disclosed that the conversations/ information could be from others within the organization, thus nullifying the experience.

Putting a dog in the fight

As a Social Media strategy becomes the norm in corporate mandates, how best can a bootstrapped company manage the effort?  Certainly, you want an individual who is passionate about, and knowledgeable of, the company’s core competencies to be the “face”.  As such, IMHO you don’t place that much power in the hands of a green, business newbie intern.  How can an intern represent a company in the conversation if they aren’t empowered to respond, nor can they do so properly?  Or worse, what if the intern doesn’t engage, but simply post, breaking the most basic rule of listening.  Seems like a recipe for failure.

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