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I Wish my Realtor Would …


13 things Loan Officers wish the agents they work with would consider, understand, do or NOT do.

Like marketing & sales, sometimes the relationships between agents and Loan Officers can be love & hate.  From an ecosystem perspective, they are essential to one another, yet there can be tension.

I chatted with some LO’s I know to get their top “I wish” list items.  They have an average of 16 years in the business, none with less than 12, so I think we can consider them experienced.  (Note: these are California based Loan Officers, so the loan process or relationship could differ based on where you live.)

Interestingly, a number of the comments revolved around communication.  I once had a boss that told me “it’s only effective communication if the other person understands it the way you intended”.  Very true.  And, communication is two-way, so it probably pays to clarify.

I wish the agent …

… understood calling me several times a day for status updates doesn’t actually speed things up.

… would NOT quote rates or recommend program types without speaking to me first.  If they get it wrong it’s an awkward start to a relationship with their client.

… knew that when I go back to the client time after time for additional paperwork to meet conditions, it’s the Lender asking time after time (and often at the 11th hour) … I have my stuff together!

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Being Criss Angel

criss angelTake a page from Criss Angel to set and achieve the expectations you set for your customers. 

I LOVE magic.

Especially the “man on the street” type shows that David Blaine and Criss Angel have made popular over the past several years. 

Have you seen any of the MindFreak shows on TV?  They’re incredible.  Watch this.  

That clip, and countless others I’ve seen over the years, set an expectation as to what I would see at his show in Las Vegas.  I think that’s a reasonable assumption, since he has never wavered from his style of magic and performing head-scratching, daring stunts. 

Never Assume

Rather than magic, the show I watched was a dozen or so oddly-dressed Circ de Soleil dancers telling a non-sequential story with Criss Angel popping in every now and again to address the audience.  The show couldn’t seem to decide whether it’s a Cirque show, parlor magic show, stand up act, horror show, or some sort of ghoulish art exhibit.   The problem is _ it succeed as none.  Oh, he did a few tricks.  But sadly they were predictable, and nary a “how did he do that?” gasp was heard.

Crickets …

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B2B Marketing Fundamentals Don’t Change

Times change

Markets change

Technologies change

Fundamentals don’t

The short version:

The longer version of a  presentation from the Business Marketing Association

The Answer is: 38 – 47


The  question is: “The number of characters in the subject line that that stands between you and success in your next email campaign.”

38 – 47 is the average number of characters in the subject line of 57% of U.S. email recipients’ email programs.  How do you ensure that those characters deliver punch?

Subject lines: 13 Things to Know to Get it Right

  1. Continuity between the “From” & “Subject” lines
    Your recipient knows who’s sending the email by looking at the “From’ line, while the “Subject” line entices them to open the communication.  Don’t waste valuable characters repeating your name in the Subject line.  Do use the space to brand regular communications, such as market updates, and include city, neighborhood or community/development names.
  2. Take a lesson from the headlines
    Turn to your favorite or local news site.  The headlines are typically succinct, highlighting the most enticing aspects of the story in a very limited space.  See what appeals to you and use that as a benchmark to craft your subject lines.

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