Daily Archives: July 9, 2009

The Answer is: 38 – 47


The  question is: “The number of characters in the subject line that that stands between you and success in your next email campaign.”

38 – 47 is the average number of characters in the subject line of 57% of U.S. email recipients’ email programs.  How do you ensure that those characters deliver punch?

Subject lines: 13 Things to Know to Get it Right

  1. Continuity between the “From” & “Subject” lines
    Your recipient knows who’s sending the email by looking at the “From’ line, while the “Subject” line entices them to open the communication.  Don’t waste valuable characters repeating your name in the Subject line.  Do use the space to brand regular communications, such as market updates, and include city, neighborhood or community/development names.
  2. Take a lesson from the headlines
    Turn to your favorite or local news site.  The headlines are typically succinct, highlighting the most enticing aspects of the story in a very limited space.  See what appeals to you and use that as a benchmark to craft your subject lines.

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