Being Criss Angel

criss angelTake a page from Criss Angel to set and achieve the expectations you set for your customers. 

I LOVE magic.

Especially the “man on the street” type shows that David Blaine and Criss Angel have made popular over the past several years. 

Have you seen any of the MindFreak shows on TV?  They’re incredible.  Watch this.  

That clip, and countless others I’ve seen over the years, set an expectation as to what I would see at his show in Las Vegas.  I think that’s a reasonable assumption, since he has never wavered from his style of magic and performing head-scratching, daring stunts. 

Never Assume

Rather than magic, the show I watched was a dozen or so oddly-dressed Circ de Soleil dancers telling a non-sequential story with Criss Angel popping in every now and again to address the audience.  The show couldn’t seem to decide whether it’s a Cirque show, parlor magic show, stand up act, horror show, or some sort of ghoulish art exhibit.   The problem is _ it succeed as none.  Oh, he did a few tricks.  But sadly they were predictable, and nary a “how did he do that?” gasp was heard.

Crickets …

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