I Wish my Realtor Would …


13 things Loan Officers wish the agents they work with would consider, understand, do or NOT do.

Like marketing & sales, sometimes the relationships between agents and Loan Officers can be love & hate.  From an ecosystem perspective, they are essential to one another, yet there can be tension.

I chatted with some LO’s I know to get their top “I wish” list items.  They have an average of 16 years in the business, none with less than 12, so I think we can consider them experienced.  (Note: these are California based Loan Officers, so the loan process or relationship could differ based on where you live.)

Interestingly, a number of the comments revolved around communication.  I once had a boss that told me “it’s only effective communication if the other person understands it the way you intended”.  Very true.  And, communication is two-way, so it probably pays to clarify.

I wish the agent …

… understood calling me several times a day for status updates doesn’t actually speed things up.

… would NOT quote rates or recommend program types without speaking to me first.  If they get it wrong it’s an awkward start to a relationship with their client.

… knew that when I go back to the client time after time for additional paperwork to meet conditions, it’s the Lender asking time after time (and often at the 11th hour) … I have my stuff together!

Read the rest on this post on AgentGenius

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