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Huh? Audio Branding?

music note

Audio Branding, aka a Sound Logo, is a sound branding tool that you can incorporate into your web site or blog and used as the acoustic equivalent of a logo.  Think: Intel, NBC, T-Mobile or THX.  Typically a short distinctive melody or sounds, these sounds are typically used at the beginning or end of ads. 

Sneaky, in a good way

Sound is a powerful learning center in our brain.  Ever notice how the music in a scene of a movie leads you to feel something bad/good/funny, etc. is about to happen?  Our brain hears a sound then anticipates the ending.  Therefore, as a part of your brand toolkit, sound can help shape a potential client’s perception of you and potentially help you connect with them on a deeper level.  Plus, it works in a sneaky way your ads and blog posts can’t – people don’t need to pay attention to notice it.

You may already be doing it

Have you downloaded a customized ringtone to your phone?  It says something about you.  Admit it …  do you wonder what’s really behind the curtain when a relatively conservative person has their ring tone set to “I’m bringing sexy back”.  Better yet, have you assigned a “special” ring tone for someone – loved one, or an ex?  Did you choose that partially based on your opinion of them?

(Quick Check:  If you were at an attorney or CPA’s office for your first consultation, and their phone rang with 3OH!3’s “Don’t Trust Me” or Katy Perry’s “Waking up in Vegas” could it set the wrong tone?  If you need to explain your ring tone to potential clients, you may want to change it.  Just a thought. )

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Best Motivational Vid – Evuh!!

Heard at Inman

agent 2.0I attended a number of sessions at Inman last week, and one titled Agent 2.0 stood out as offering some interesting ideas for agents to manage their day-to-day business.

Agent 2.0 was a panel discussion moderated by Wendy Forsythe with Eric Stegemann, Strategic Development, Tribus Real Estate,  Amanda McMillan, Real Estate Consultant, Prudential Preferred Properties  and Ian Watt, Luxury Condo Realtor, Ian Watt personal Real Estate Corporation as the panelists.  (Big shout out to Wendy Forsythe VP Broker Services & Product Development, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, who was a fantastic moderator.  She kept the conversation on track, and asked relevant, interesting questions.)

Stay out of the weeds

Intentional or not, that struck me as the overarching theme of the session.  Rather than solely focusing on 2.0 tools and explaining how to use them, they spoke of leveraging said tools to maximize business and “1.0” activities with clients – i.e. face time.   

Realtor and Manager and Marketer … oh my

An agent’s role these days consists of these distinct silos, with a plethora of activities falling beneath each.  Here are a few sound bites from Ian, Eric and Amanda on managing the deluge.

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Perky by Force?

eeyoreIs it just me, or are the majority of Tweets and Facebook postings quite perky?  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it is authentic?  Is everyone really and truly that happy all the time? (If so, rush hour commuters must not engage in social media networks.) 

So, you’ve had a bad day

While nobody wants to spend a great deal of time around a sad apple or someone who constantly plays on the mood swings, it’s safe to say we all go there once in a while.  Family strife, work place politics, money woes and relationship challenges exist and naturally impact our mood.

Tweeting taboo?

Do we refrain from posting something negative to maintain or invent a reputation?  I ask, because I know a few people with real-life dispositions akin to Eeyore who Tweet and post the most perky of messages which is quite contrary to any interaction one would have if meeting them in real life.   

I have to admit …

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