Perky by Force?

eeyoreIs it just me, or are the majority of Tweets and Facebook postings quite perky?  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it is authentic?  Is everyone really and truly that happy all the time? (If so, rush hour commuters must not engage in social media networks.) 

So, you’ve had a bad day

While nobody wants to spend a great deal of time around a sad apple or someone who constantly plays on the mood swings, it’s safe to say we all go there once in a while.  Family strife, work place politics, money woes and relationship challenges exist and naturally impact our mood.

Tweeting taboo?

Do we refrain from posting something negative to maintain or invent a reputation?  I ask, because I know a few people with real-life dispositions akin to Eeyore who Tweet and post the most perky of messages which is quite contrary to any interaction one would have if meeting them in real life.   

I have to admit …

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One response to “Perky by Force?

  1. Interesting thought.
    I tweet less if I am having a bad day just like I may talk less at a party.
    I think the ABM theory is appropriate in that our customers and prospective customers should expect consistency from us. So for a marketer Always be Marketing is a good thing. If you are in the public eye, why be remembered for how upset you are. I tend to unfollow people that swear, show anger or have a lousy disposition.
    For me, I usually wake up happy not grumpy so it is my personality to be cheerful, happy and gregarious. When you meet me in person, I am the same person you know like and trust on Twitter.
    I agree it is wierd for someone to be a different person on twitter and cheerful if they are really grumpy even in meetings and social events.
    I just started to follow you tonight and check out everyone I follow. Good thing too since this is a really cool blog.

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