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5 Clients to Dump Now (and how to do it)

youre fired

Without clients, our respective businesses simply wouldn’t exist.  However, the relationship with some clients can be so bad, you are much better off parting ways.

When one crosses the line, should you try to salvage the relationship, or do you deliver a satisfying Trump-like “You’re Fired!”?  

If only it were that easy.  Burning bridges isn’t wise. 

Here’s my list of Top 5 must dump clients, and how to do it. 

1. The Cheapskate: Have you noticed that the client who pays the least expects the most?  If they nickel and dime you right out of the gate – run, do not walk.  This client will change scope, change their mind, and change strategies to the point where your average hourly rate pales to that of a baby sitter.

How to break up: Easy: Raise your rates.  He doesn’t value your work, and sees you as a drag to the bottom line.  You can’t win.

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7 Pet Peeves: Email Auto Replies

auto reply

It’s typically the little things that greatly impress or completely annoy.  Here’s a few of my pet peeves around auto replies – tell me yours in the reactions. 

p.s. The first one is what started this post. 

Referring to yourself in the third person

The email comes from you … why does it say “Mary Smith is out of the office until Sep 15.  She will reply upon her return”.   Was it set up by her admin, is she royalty … or do the voices in Mary’s head tell her to refer to herself in the third person?  That’s more of a personal pet peeve, but I think it sets a pretentious tone.

Turn it off when you return

Add a note to your calendar if it helps you to remember, but turn it off the day you state you will be back.  There’s nothing worse than getting an email on September 10 stating “I will be out of the office returning August 5”.  August 5 … 2010?

Send one auto reply per sender

Don’t change the setting that ensures each person emailing during your absence receives only one auto reply.  Unless everyone you deal with is obtuse, one auto reply is sufficient.  And, don’t set it up so every person CC’d or BCC’d get’s an auto reply.  It’s very annoying trying to determine why you just received an auto reply to someone you have not emailed!

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