Narcissism, Bubbles and Echo Chambers – Oh My …


(Disclaimer:  This post is a few random thoughts I’ve had lately.  There’s no real conclusion, though I wouldn’t call it a rant, either.  At any rate, I’m interested in your thoughts.)

It’s natural to look for a common denominator when “friending” folks.  Be it real estate, sports, politics, marketing or any other interest or passion.  When we do that, are we falling to a narcissistic trap?

The *ME* in Social Media

I love the channels and opportunities social media have created for self-expression and voyeurism.  It’s fun to take a peek into other’s lives.  And, it’s interesting to watch the emergence of “Internet Stars”.  But, are they/we taking our own PR too seriously?  Are egos inflating to a degree where it’s just plain icky?

It’s All About Me

Speaking of Social Media Narcissists …   They participate heavily in conversations, but if you really follow the stream they chatter mostly about themselves.  And, they have created huge followings without meaningful contributions.  (But to be fair, *meaningful* is subjective.)

Their blogs and tweets are almost exclusively about themselves, their thoughts, their pictures.  But, I think many of us could be categorized that way.  How would you define a Social Media Narcissist??

Same Bubble, Only Larger

If we continue interaction only with like-thinkers, will that enclose us in a bubble?  And could that cause a false reality?

Read the rest here ….

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