Who’s your guru? Paying unqualified “experts”?


Guess what??  I’m getting a nose job!

I’ve been following this plastic surgeon on Twitter and as a fan on Facebook for about a year now.  He really seems to know his stuff!  He has a huge following and his before & after pictures are amazing!  While I don’t know anything about his education, licensing or experience in cosmetic surgery, I have really come to trust him because of our interactions.


Is that what you’d want to scream?  Of course it is.  Surgery is serious business.  Since you can be permanently disfigured or even lose your life, it’s wise to check out with whom you’re doing game-changing business, right?

Your Business is Serious Business, Too.

Are you taking/paying for what is essentially marketing advice from social media experts that have zero background in Marketing or Communications?  Not so much  “how to set up accounts”.  I’m talking about actions that support your business strategy and objectives.  If so, IMHO you’re making a big mistake.  Huge.

Yes, it’s Marketing.

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One response to “Who’s your guru? Paying unqualified “experts”?

  1. Why? Your beautiful just as you are! Have adored you from afar for awhile now.
    I feel a loss already…

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