Bring a Good Tagline to Life – Six Rules and 7 Sins

Coming up with a great tagline is a struggle.  Typically, people get it wrong by focusing on what the product or service is rather than the ultimate benefit it provides.

Why does it matter?

Your tag line should be a memorable phrase that sums up the tone and premise of your brand or service, reinforcing the marketplace’s memory of you.  Some taglines are successful enough to warrant inclusion in popular culture.

It’s not about you.

If your tagline talks about you, you have it wrong.  Think bigger.  Do you change someone’s life by being the area’s #1 agent, having 21 years in the business or earning your spot in President’s Club? 

How do those speak to the client’s ultimate payoff?  Don’t tell people how great you are.  Tell them what’s in it for them by engaging you.

Here are a few guidelines to creating a tag line.  How does yours measure up?

1. No Platitudes

If someone reads your tagline and thinks “Well, I hope so” you’ve failed.  Therefore “Selling your home for top dollar” is not a good choice. 

2.  No Clichés

Just because a word has recognized meaning doesn’t mean it’s meaningful.   Make sure it says what people need to know about you.

3. Be Clear, Not Clever

Pick your focus and stick to it. 

4.  So ….?
What are the benefits to your client?  Benefits are the key to better copy in the tag line.  While developing your tag line ask yourself “so what?” What is your client’s ultimate payoff

5.  Jazz it up

Make it reflect your image and personality.  Typically this is done by injecting an adjective.

6.  There are no rules for the number of words

We have a tendency to think a tagline can’t be more than 5 words.  Not necessarily.  When building it, don’t restrict yourself.  If it’s too long, you can probably pare it down.

How to build your tag line


You must have a clearly defined (read: documented) Mission, Promise and Brand.  Don’t move on to next steps until this is done.  Your tagline will identify you/your business by capturing the essence of these three elements.


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2 responses to “Bring a Good Tagline to Life – Six Rules and 7 Sins

  1. I have been palying with tag lines for my Real Estate business for about 3 years and nothing sounds right! My last name is Fields and I thought I could use it some how but nothing sounds good. I want to target both buyers and sellers not one or the other.
    Does any one have any sugestions?

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