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Epiphany from an admitted work-o-holic

goals2Work is a slice of life – not the whole pie. 

Yeah, it took me a while to get this. 

As many do this time of year, I am reflecting what’s happened in 08, what didn’t happen in 08 and what I want to will make happen in 09.

In no particular order, in 2009 I will:

  1. Raise at least $100k for a cause, or causes, that I think will help heal our world.
  2. Workout at least 2 times every week.
  3. Re-engineer my professional life (career) to focus around me, my skills and my goals. (I think I did this today, but more on that)
  4. Reconnect with 5 people that I love, yet have let slip out of my life.
  5. Treat myself to a deep-tissue massage quarterly.
  6. Go on vacation (ok, I’m cheating on that one, since I have my vacation booked in February).

Six is an odd number.  But to me these are the most important things I achieve in 2009.  It’s interesting that they almost all ‘me’ focused.  I believe if I work to be the best me, I will create the best world. 

Tell me, what are your top 3 goals of 2009?