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5 Call to Action Tips


Are you asking for a response?

If you don’t tell (or ask) people what to do, how will they know?  You know what they say about assuming.  The same can be said for your marketing efforts.  Never assume people know how you would like them to respond. 

What have you used to the best success?  Brag in the Genius Reactions!

1. Indentify the ideal outcome of your effort

At a high level, it probably falls into one of the following categories:

Build your database
Start a conversation

Once you know your goal, make certain your call to action supports it.

2. Know the desired outcome

Every effort you make should result in an action, which hopefully will lead to business.  Different efforts (email, direct mail, blogs, ads, etc.) inspire different actions.  Based on the effort, design the call to action to deliver the best value-add for the audience.  Repeat: for the audience! 

For direct mail to build your database, direct recipients to your website to get a report specific to them/their home/neighborhood.  To start a conversation, direct them to your blog where they can leave a comment on a compelling local issue – be it political

If you are using email, you want to make sure your email stands out from the pack!  Keep it short and deliver immediate value – like a download of an ebook you’ve written (i.e. 7 Pitfalls Sellers Should Avoid, The 5 Questions Buyers Should Always Ask). 

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